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What has helped me deal with side effects of chemo & radiation and improved life with lymphedema

Outdoor Products

Hip-based to avoid carrying over the shoulder which isn’t recommended for lymphedema
Fits on luggage handle, has carry handles to avoid shoulders

Tips for living with Lymphedema

Limit intake of foods with salt, which means being careful of any packaged or restaurant meals. Salt causes limb swelling Avoid all hot tubs and hot springs and minimize hot baths.  Even putting your feet in a hot tub can stress the lymphatic system.

Household products

Helps with opening jars which is made more difficult with lymphedema

Lymphedema Garments & Neuropathy support

DISCLAIMER:  Always follow instructions or recommendations from your physician or physical therapist 

Custom fit sleeves/gloves

Compression socks that help ease chemo-induced neuropathy in the feet

Personal hygiene/
beauty products

To address difficult side effects of chemo
To address difficult side effects of chemo

For sores on bald head caused by chemo

Reusable Products

These shirts are expensive but the drain pockets are so awesome. I have used mine through four surgeries that required drains – plus, the velcro front makes it so easy to go to post-surgery appointments. I didn’t even need to change into a gown. SWEET

Post surgery with drains

Comfort Products

Helps with burning in the throat caused by radiation – which makes it hard to swallow.  The product was developed by an oncologist from MDA. 

Post surgery with drains